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Trans ally resources

Resources to help you be a good trans ally and encourage positive change for trans people in the UK and around the world.



The easiest action you can take is to keep yourself informed about trans rights and inform your friends and family of what they can do to create positive change for trans people. An easy first step is to share this webpage or some of the resources listed.



Signing a petition is a quick and easy way to call for change on issues affecting trans people. 



Some people use the title Mx as it is more inclusive of gender-neutral and non-binary people. If you see an organisation not offering options for gender-neutral pronouns, make a post on social media and tag them along with the hashtag #IncludeMx

Example post

​Hey @organisationname, please can you add Mx as a title option on your website? Some of your customers use Mx because it is gender-neutral #IncludeMx



Writing to your local MP is a great wait to inform them of your concerns and educate them on trans rights issues. MPs receive many letters, so make sure to be clear about what action you want them to take and talk about your own experiences as a trans person or ally. 

Find your local MP and check their voting record

You can check who your local MP is on the UK Parliament website, and you check who their voting record at TheyWorkForYou,


Listen and learn

Doing a bit of reading is a good first step, but actively listening to the voices of trans people and tackling your own biases is vital in being a good trans ally.


Speak up

What can you do to create positive change for trans people at your school, college, university or workplace? Start a conversation about the importance of trans inclusion and challenge any elements of policy that are no inclusive of trans, non-binary or gender non-conforming people.

Adapted from TransActualUK

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