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How to set your personal pronouns on Canvas

All staff and students can include their personal pronouns on their Canvas profile.

Last updated: 

8 January 2022

How to set your personal pronouns on Canvas

Personal pronouns on Canvas display after your name in brackets, i.e. Jo (they/them). Follow these steps to set your personal pronouns:

  1. Head to Canvas and click on your Account tab in the global navigation on the left of the page.

  2. Click on the Edit settings button on the right of the page beneath 'Ways to contact'.

  3. Click on the dropdown next to Pronouns

  4. Select your pronouns from the list (see the available options below)

  5. Click the Update settions button to amend your profile.

Canvas offers limited pronoun options, these are:

  • He/him

  • She/her

  • They/them

Unfortunately, it is not possible to select multiple pronouns or add your own.

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