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A guide to your first-ever society event

Just joined or thinking about it? Here are some helpful tips on how to make the most of our events.

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8 January 2022

A guide to your first-ever society event

Many of us have taken those frightening steps into our first-ever society event, so we know how scary it can be, especially if you're exploring your identity. We want to make sure you feel as welcomed and included as possible at all of our events. This guide will give some helpful tips on how to make the most of our events.

Be brave and be open

We know meeting new people can be intimidating, but most people at Stirling want to make new friends in all corners of the university. If you also want to make some new friends, take the plunge and start a conversation! You can always start by introducing yourself with your name and pronouns. Asking people what they study is also a great way to get the conversation going and get to know people as it often leads to other discussions about interests and hobbies.

Make sure to come with an open mind as well! A wonderful part of the society is the opportunity to learn from lots of different people with diverse experiences. We can guarantee you'll learn something new and expand your ideas just by coming along. You'll meet many like-minded people too!

Come along regularly

Friendships can develop rapidly at university when you're in the same place with the same people! Society events are always social events, even if we're hosting a talk or more educational event. Many of us also head along to the Union bar after the event ends to have a few drinks and chat some more. There is absolutely no pressure to drink alcohol - we're all there to socialise!

Take part in discussions

All of our events are pretty informal, and open discussion is encouraged. If you've got something to add, share it with everyone! We know this can be intimidating if you don't like speaking in front of many people, but nobody comes along to judge others. If you've got something to say, try getting the attention of the event host by waving or putting your hand up. We also don't mind interruptions at all! Discussions are what make society events great, so we always have time to listen.

Ask if you have any questions

We welcome questions, queries or concerns! Get in touch with us by messaging us on Facebook or Instagram or by sending an email to

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